The Countdown is on!

From 14 to 15 January 2011, Kronplatz will attempt to set an exciting new skiing world record: the Guinness World Record of the biggest difference in altitude meters covered on skis in only 24 hours. In three individual categories, 16 skiers will attempt to ski a total of 1 million metres of difference in altitude at Skirama Kronplatz. Another world record experiment will be the same attempt mastered by a team of four skiers. With the current record standing at 92.160 m, achieved by Franz Venier (Austria), the thrilling highlight of the event will be one athlete’s attempt to top this outstanding achievement. All participants have been training for months for this extreme challenge. In order to master it, the skiers will need to use the Kronplatz cable cars, in other words: for a total of 24 hours, they will ride up to the top of Kronplatz in the cable car and ski down – nonstop! The team, which consists of the contenders, a doctor, a motivational coach, a nutrition expert, a physiotherapist and a series of other experts, has until 14 January to prepare for the big day.

Special compressive clothing and individual skis are being made for the purpose of the attempt. Nothing is left to chance. The only thing we can’t control is the weather.

The challenge requires a peak performance for which the athletes need to start preparing long in advance. Every detail must be planned to perfection: both the physical prerequisites and the material without which no human being would be capable of meeting such an ambitious target. The preparation includes months of mental training, a strict diet and exercise plan and a constant monitoring process of the athletes’ physiology.

Join us in accompanying the preparations and be there on 15 January 2011 to celebrate three new Guinness World Records at Kronplatz! The stage is all set for a massive party!

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