Team tutors

Dr. Edgar Raschenberger
Team manager, medic, writer, networker, expert in health trendsDirector of the Venesthetic® vein clinic in Innsbruck – Tirol (A) and creator of the project Health 3.0 Dr. Edgar Raschenberger’s scientific interest lies primarily in health as a solution to the problems of today’s society: keeping up with life’s increasing pace and changes.
Alois Stotter
Assistant team manager, nutrition expert, entrepreneur, networkerWorks with athletes practicing professional and popular sports, writes publications about metabolism, increasing and maintaining performance levels in sports, family and job life; organises several projects to promote a healthy diet in both East and South Tyrol
Mag. Gerhard Mayrhuber
Expert in sports and sports biologyHealth coach based in Innsbruck (A). In charge of the athletes’ performance physiology checks and training
Johannes Mur
Mental trainer
business and life coach, trainer, consultant, director of the Centro per la qualità di vita/Zentrum für Lebensqualität in Bressanone/Brixen (I)
Dipl. PT Jessica Mair
Physiotherapist and Bow Tech therapist based in Brunico/Bruneck (I); coordinates the therapeutic assistance
Christian Mair
Physio-energy practitioner and medical massage therapist
Dipl. PT Astrid Rottensteiner
Physiotherapist based in Brunico/Bruneck (I)
Dipl. PT Ilena Janssen
Physiotherapist and osteopath based in Brunico/Bruneck (I)
Dipl. PT Alexander Ertl
Physiotherapist and physical education teacher
Andreas Mairhofer
Medical massage therapist
Martina Oberstaller
Medical massage therapist
Marie Lassen Mur
Vital massage therapist and Wellnesstrainer based in Vahrn/Bressanone
Heidi Mair
Sport- and Vital massage therapist