´╗┐The “24h Kronplatz” world record attempt is based entirely on the 5 pillars of health.

Contrary to most other world records up to date, good health is the key basis for the success of this attempt. For this purpose, initiator Christian Hainz has teamed up with nutrition expert Alois Stotter and Dr. Edgar Raschenberger, medic and expert in health trends, to connect the world record experiment with an innovative health-orientated project.

“Health 3.0” was Dr. Edgar Raschenberger’s idea and consists of a new approach to overcome a problem which today’s society is often confronted with: keeping up with life’s increasing speed and changes by relying on the 5 pillars of health. The attempt aims to prove that normal people with normal jobs are capable of peak performances without suffering physical damage.

Therefore, the team is carefully prepared for the challenge. All participating athletes are excellent skiers and passionate about sports, but nonetheless the functioning of all of their bodies’ systems are optimised and regularly checked by means of several different measuring systems. Everything is based on the following five principles:

Mental power
Diet and nutrition
Lifestyle choices