Diet and nutrition

After hearing an introductory presentation about metabolism and nutrition in competitive sports this summer, nutrition expert Alois Stotter paid individual visits to the athletes at their homes. Over the course of 6 to 8 weeks, their body fat, water and muscle percentage was then adjusted to ideal values. The athletes were advised to use only natural food products and to cook them in stainless steel pots, to burn fat instead of carbohydrates on a low insulin level in order to improve the effect of longer training units.

Many of the participating athletes face considerable challenges in their jobs and would like to fit in exercise and sports without neglecting their family life. Special emphasis was therefore put on guaranteeing an ideal supply of nutrients, and high-quality vegetable nutrients (Nutrilite®) were used to complement their diets. By using locally-produced natural dietary supplements, the athletes’ immune system was made firm and strong, their tissue storage capacities were constantly filled and all metabolism functions were balanced out.